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Wiet je dat?

THC lang niet de enige werkzame stof is in cannabis? Of dat er naast consumeren nog heel veel andere wijzen zijn waarop cannabis gebruikt wordt? Dat er naast roken ook andere (vaak gezondere) manieren zijn om cannabis te consumeren? The Grass Company vindt het belangrijk dat vragen nooit onbeantwoord blijven. Zodoende hebben we op deze pagina’s een aantal informerende overzichten geplaatst, zodat je weer net wat beter op de hoogte bent van alles. Mochten er desondanks onduidelijkheden blijven bestaan, schroom dan niet om één van onze medewerkers aan de mouw te trekken. We staan u maar al te graag te woord.

The Grass Company is partnering with DynaVap! DynaVap is an innovative vaporizer brand recognizable by their battery-free vaporizers made of high quality materials. They combine the traditional way of vaping with a sleek design, or what DynaVap calls them: ‘Thermal Extraction Devices’.  As of today it is possible to borrow a VapCap ‘M’ in our[…]

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betere better

As a cannabis consumer, you naturally want to get the best out of your session. When you use cannabis regularly, you may begin to build up a tolerance to THC, reducing the intensity of your high. But it can also occur that the quality of your stash is lower than you’re used to. With cannabis[…]

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bubbler bubblers

Bubblers are an interesting way to smoke cannabis. You can compare a bubbler with a bong but a lot smaller so you can easily hold it in your hand. Bubblers are mainly made out of glass and provide a mild hit through the water. This can be a disadvantage if you want to use your[…]

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420, which we think might be the best holiday of the year. Especially now that the holiday celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. This holiday started in America but is gradually starting to gain ground here in the Netherlands. In order not to celebrate this day completely unprepared, we have listed some essentials down below.[…]

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Bongs bong

Anyone who has ever consumed cannabis has heard of a bong. This way is very popular especially abroad because you get very high in one hit. It’s easy to use that is what makes a bong attractive. They are realy quick to smoke because you just have to fill the bowl and heat it. The only[…]

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terpenen terpenes

With a vaporizer you heat herbs to evaporate certain substances in these herbs (such as THC and CBD in cannabis) so you can inhale this vapor. In addition to THC and CBD, terpenes will evaporate. Terpenes are the natural substances that give plants their distinctive smell and taste. Simply put, a specific mix of terpenes[…]

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pijpjes pipes

Pipes have been a popular way to consume cannabis with many cannabis enthusiasts for years. They are discreet, easy to carry and simple to use. In the past they were mainly made of wood, but nowadays you can find them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Pure pipes are ideal for when you want to[…]

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