Chill-out dishes week 37

Chill-out week 37, 2021 The Grass Company Spoorlaan

Every week The Grass Company Spoorlaan serves new chill-out dishes and a mocktail special.
The delicious dishes of this week are:

Chill-Out Soup
Mango pumpkin soup
coriander oil / bread with arugula pesto

Chill-Out Food
Tostada Tofu
crispy tortilla | smoked tofu mince | refried bean spread | corn | guacamole | salsa verde | grated cheese | crispy mexican salad

Chill-Out Menu
Chill-out soup
Chill-out food

Actie Mocktail
Finding Nemo
Looze ace / coconut / grenadine / strawberry puree / slush


These weekly dishes are available at The Grass Company Spoorlaan until Wednesday the 22th of September. Reservations are not mandatory but recommended if you want to be sure of a seat.

Call to 013-5821420 and reserve a table today!



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