Dynavap | What is it?

The Grass Company is partnering with DynaVap! DynaVap is an innovative vaporizer brand recognizable by their battery-free vaporizers made of high quality materials. They combine the traditional way of vaping with a sleek design, or what DynaVap calls them: ‘Thermal Extraction Devices’. 

As of today it is possible to borrow a VapCap ‘M’ in our shops as a vaporizer, possibly with the induction heater Orion, to get to know this world of vaping.


Vaporizing may just be the way everyone will use cannabis in the future. The difference with traditional cannabis smoking is that you don’t burn the weed to inhale the smoke, but you heat the cannabis with a vaporizer so that the active substances evaporate so that you can inhale this vapor. Vaporizers are a great alternative to getting high for those who aren’t interested in inhaling tobacco and all the harmful substances you get from burning.

Why vaporize?

  • The taste of the cannabis is purer and therefore better.
  • You don’t burn cannabis or tobacco and therefore don’t ingest any harmful smoke. It’s therefore much less harmful to the lungs.
  • Ideal for people who want to get stoned but don’t want to smoke.
  • You need less cannabis than when you smoke a joint.
  • The high is stronger and purer than smoking tobacco.


Dynavap vaporizers are used in combination with a butane lighter. This means that no electrical components are involved at all. This is the ultimate stealth vaporizer, as it actually works with any heat source. It heats up fastest with an Orion induction heater (<6 sec), but if you don’t have one at your disposal you can use a butane lighter (<10 sec) or even just a normal lighter. The longer version (like the Omni XL) offers a little more cooling to the vape. Other than that, this is a personal preference.

What’s so great about DynaVap?

  • You can easily take it with you wherever you go, because it’s such a small and discreet device.
  • The materials used are durable and strong.
  • You feel like you are lighting up a joint.
  • You get a taste explosion of all terpenes.
  • You don’t have to worry about charging batteries.
  • All DynaVap devices are easy to clean.
  • The devices are very basic and can be expanded with various accessories.
  • You can use your VapCap in combination with a bong.

The big disadvantage of these vaporizers is that you need more practice to control the temperature with fire. With an electric vaporizer you can simply set a certain temperature. While with a butane vaporizer you have to learn to heat the cannabis with a flame without switching to combustion. This is sometimes difficult in the beginning, which means that some people experience the vapor as too intense. Again, practice makes perfect.

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