House rules

As a professional hospitality company we obviously work entirely according to national and local regulations. Coffee shops are subjected to the so-called AHOJGI-criteria. Based on these criteria all coffee shops of The Grass Company have the following rules:

  • No admittance under 18 years.
  • For the visitors of our shops in ‘s-Hertogenbosch: No access or sale to anyone other than residents of the Netherlands.
  • You should always have a valid identification document with you.
  • For the visitors of our shops in ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Residents of the Netherlands without a Dutch identity must prove their residency with an extract from the Municipal Administration of less than 1 year.
  • Persons who attempt to enter with false identity documents or identity cards will be detained and handed over to the police.
  • When staying in one of our shops consumption is mandatory. Cannabis products don’t count as ‘consumption’!
  • It is not allowed to consume your own refreshments.
  • It is not allowed to consume or have alcohol and/or hard drugs in your possesion.
  • It is not allowed to consume or have wax, shatter or cannabis concentrates containing THC in any way.
  • It is prohibited to have more than 5 grams of cannabis products in your possession.
  • Carrying weapons is strictly prohibited.
  • When entering the shop you must be recognisable. It’s not allowed to wear hoods, sunglasses, helmets and the like.
  • It’s not allowed to wear (motor) club-related or offensive clothing. If you do not meet our clothing requirements, acces can be denied. The doorman’s decision is definitive.
  • Causing nuisance in the immediate vicinity of the matter will not be tolerated. This includes, shouting on the street, running engines, loud music and driving against traffic in the street etc. For such violations you will get an immediate disqualification.
  • Groups of three or more persons may be refused to enter. Furthermore, you may not provide bothersome group nuisance in any way. Any evidence or suspicion of annoying or (group) intimidating behaviour, the participants will be denied access.
  • Park your car in the designated parking spaces.
  • No entry for dogs and other animals. Except guidance dogs.
  • It is not permitted to walk in and out of our shops in a short period of time.
  • It is not allowed to play for money and/or goods.
  • It is not allowed to organise meetings of any kind in our shops (without permission).
  • Selling or doing business or whatsoever, in any form, is strictly prohibited.
  • We do everything to make our shops as attractive and safe as possible for everyone. Our staff’s indications are focused on that and should always be followed.
  • By violating our house rules access can immediately be denied. If criminal offenses are noticed, the police will always be informed.

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