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Everything about bubblers

Bubblers are an interesting way to smoke cannabis. You can compare a bubbler with a bong but a lot smaller so you can easily hold it in your hand. Bubblers are mainly made out of glass and provide a mild hit through the water. This can be a disadvantage if you want to use your bubbler on the go. They can easily break through the glass and the water in the bubbler can leak into your bag, for example.

What is a bubbler?

Simply put, bubblers are a mix between a pipe and a bong. Just like a normal bong, bubblers have a mouthpiece, a bowl, a downstem and a chamber for the smoke to pass through. Some bubblers have an extra water chamber, a percolator, which provides even smoother and milder hits. You also have bubblers you can use in combination with your vaporizer for even more milder hits.

What kind of bubbler do you choose?

The most copies are made of glass. A traditional hammer bubbler can stand on its own and can be smoked just like a pipe. When you want to use the bubbler in combination with your vaporizer, it’s important that you find the right bubbler for your vaporizer, because not every bubbler will fit your vaporizer. Usually vaporizer brands also have a bubbler to match. You even have bubblers with a cord or chain so you can easily hang them around your neck and take them wherever you go. Handy for festivals.

How to use a bubbler?

  1. To start, fill your bubbler with water. Just look for the correct water level for your bubbler.
  2. Grind your cannabis and fill the bowl loosley with the grinded cannabis.
  3. When you have a carbhole in your bubbler, place your thumb over it.
  4. Place your mouth over the opening of the tube, hold a flame near the bowl and take a gentle puff to fill the chamber with smoke.
  5. When there’s enough smoke in the chamber, remove your finger from te carbhole or remove the downstem from the bubbler and inhale te smoke.


Cleaning a bubbler is a bit more difficult in comparison to a bong because a bubbler consists of one piece of glass. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure that it remains hygienic. You also maintain the best taste and smoke experience.

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