Our 420 essentials

420, which we think might be the best holiday of the year. Especially now that the holiday celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. This holiday started in America but is gradually starting to gain ground here in the Netherlands. In order not to celebrate this day completely unprepared, we have listed some essentials down below.

  1. This one is a bit obvious, but make sure you get enough cannabis at home. Of course you don’t want your stash to run out halfway through the day! Edibles and tobacco substitutes provide the right variety to keep things more playful. 
  2. Lots of rolling material. Rolling papers, tips, cones, blunt wraps with flavors you name it. Grab as many different materials as possible and try everything out. 
  3. Your best vaporizers, bongs, pipes, bubblers, etc. Get your best gear out on this special day. 
  4. CBD to balance your high. This is a must if your tolerance is a bit low or if you have consumed too much cannabis. 
  5. As much water and snacks as possible. Staying hydrated is even more important than indulging in all the munchies.

Have a virtual chill session with your friends or finally finish your Netflix watch list. If you still want to be a bit more active during this 420, check our list of stoner activities.

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